Reviviscence : A Bridge over Genoa


An artistic photographic book dedicated to the reconstruction of the Polcevera Viaduct, also known as Ponte Morandi, in Genoa, which tragically collapsed in 2018.

Andrea Botto, a photographer and visual artist specializing in large works, uses his shots to describe the stages involved in the demolition of the old Ponte Morandi and the construction of the new infrastructure designed by Renzo Piano. His lens follows each phase of the undertaking with technical expertise and attention to the composition of the image, in a skillful combination of documentary reportage and aesthetic research.

Botto has been working for RINA Consulting, the Italian agency supervising both the demolition and the construction of the new bridge, which is set to become a new landmark in Genoa, having been designed by Renzo Piano, one of the most renowned architects in the world.

RINA Consulting was selected by the commissioning authority to carry out project management, supervision, quality control, and safety coordination during the execution phase of the project.