Luxe Dominoes

El Wordle Neon


You’ve played it online, you’ve shared results with friends and family but now it’s time to go face to face with our Luxe Wordle board game.

The board version of Wordle makes the game come to life by challenging your skills just like the real game but this time against the opponent of your choice. We developed our board version of Wordle out of the love of the online game created by James Wardle. 

Our version of Wordle comes with 7 complete alphabets including the “ñ” for Spanish speakers and is available with Neon or Classic color markers. 

The Neon Wordle comes with Blue, Neon Green and Neon Pink markers. Assign one color to a letter in the right place, one to a correct letter in the wrong place and the last color to an incorrect letter. 

The Classic color Wordle comes with Solid Green, Solid Yellow and Solid Black markers. You can assign each color or play with the original setup of Green for the right letter in the right spot, yellow for right letter but in the wrong spot and black for an incorrect letter.