Piece of Art

Floria Tablemat - Red


 100% Polyester + TPU Coating

Imported high-quality functional which is not wrinkled and resilient + coatings that are waterproof and resistant to stains

 Crease and Rolled
Some people worried about the wrinkles of the fabric mat after washing. To compensate for the shortcomings, Maisondeart mat is designed to wipe off foreign substances with wet wipes by applying TPU coating to the poly fabric. Even if water touches it, there is no wrinkle or roll phenomenon and it spreads well.
The top is covered with TPU coating to prevent water passing through the product, and it is designed to drip water.
The thin consistency texture wipes off quickly. If you wipe the goulash with a wet tissue, it will be erased, but if it is left neglect for a long time, marks can be removed with liquid detergent. If there is a highly contaminated liquid such as goulash, it is recommended to wipe it immediately.