Cartier: 13 Rue de la Paix


Dimensions: 10" x 11.75"

The history of the most famous Parisian jewelry boutique and its contemporary renaissance.

This legendary address—13 rue de la Paix—evokes the very origins of Cartier. It was the cradle of the Cartier legend, where Louis Cartier, and later Jeanne Toussaint, invented the house’s style and identity. It has been marked by history: countless crowned heads of state from Europe to Asia, movie stars, and industry leaders have pushed open the doors to this renowned Parisian jewelry store.

This book retraces the company’s trajectory, from its opening in 1899 to its current transformation, exploring Cartier’s metamorphosis thanks to an architectural concept that reinvented its decor by infusing it with a contemporary spirit and updating it with a blend of high standards mixed with emotion. This iconic boutique reflects the vast history of the House of Cartier and of its most emblematic creations. Previously unpublished work by celebrated photographers such as Laziz Hamani captures the rebirth of the jeweler’s emblematic address. This brand-new setting amplifies the location’s unique creative ethos by celebrating Cartier’s exceptional expertise and its commitment to artisanal craftsmanship.