St James

Botanique Tray Large Silver Plated




The attention-grabbing silver-plated botanique tray is a unique piece, wavy in its shape. It is the perfect addition to your decor, whether you are setting up a bar or looking to brighten up your living room. Designed by "Studio Sette7", the silver-plated botanique tray is nature-inspired and characterises the gardens of the renowned landscaper burle marx. The vibrant colors present in the natural, Brazil-sourced materials allude to the richness of its territory and serve to reinforce the identity of the collection's design. The silver-plated botanique tray is contemporary, innovative and will draw attention to your table arrangement. Enhance your home decor with the silver-plated botanique tray. The silver-plated botanique tray receives a hardened, pre-brightened silver plate, ensuring greater durability and ease of maintenance.