Iceland : Nature of the North


In Halldór Laxness’ novel Under the Glacier, the protagonist travels from Reykjavík to the mythical volcano at the Snæfellsjökull glacier, a place in whose shadow “words cease to have even the slightest meaning.” This could be a leitmotif for Jürgen Wettke’s Iceland images. Whereas language can hardly convey the majesty and beauty of a landscape, the photographs in Iceland: Nature of the North speak volumes in their eloquence. Wettke’s photographic journey across the volcanic island is guided by nature’s elemental forces: he shows us the diverse forms of fire, water, air, light, and earth. Whether the structures of lava flows, sculptural ice formations, or nature’s artworks, aurora borealis, lighting up the sky — Jürgen Wettke’s photography brings us closer to these wonders of nature. We discover Iceland in an entirely new and breathtaking way!

Size13.38 in x 10.25 in